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Located in Kingsbridge, south in South Devon, surrounded by various beaches and natural beauty (the South Hams in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty), home to wonderful wildlife from blue jellyfish in the estuary to slow worms and bats in my garden.

Here at Cornerstone Garden Life you will find all the tools to create your own beautiful green growing space, whether it's growing flowers or food.
Learn about permaculture principles and how to make your own raised beds for little money.
Keep up to date with the changes I make in my garden to create a perennial food forest brimming with wildlife. Sharing my growing space with various bugs, bees, birds, reptiles & mammals like bats and hedgehogs (and ok, the cats too). I am making it my mission to accommodate as much life as possible, from the mighty ant to the ever expanding mycelium network below the soil by using methods like no-dig, permaculture and no pesticides or chemicals.

Latest news

Read all about my latest findings, news updates, fails & successes from the garden & greenhouse. Every first of the month will be what I call the Greenhouse Almanac,ย  you can read all about what's happening in that month, from special (holi)days and events to what I'm up to personally. It will also include things I see and notice on that day - come rain or shine!

Other items in the NEWS section will be some of my ramblings on topics I enjoy learning everything I can about, whether it is highlighting a flower or a vegetable and writing my findings on growing it, to how I come up with some of my wild ideas of building my raised beds or even the tunnel arch.

Find the latest recipe here
Chocolate Dipped Orange Slices

"To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art."

Now, I'm not claiming that my recipes are art, I do think they are tasty. And they are things I have made. Some more than others - I mean, I'd love to eat cake every day but it's not exactly the most healthy food choice one can make. They are however all recipes with things I've grown in the garden or foraged for in the woods.

Thoughts on this recipe

"Chewy, juicy & chocolatey"

Latest Plant Profile

Sea green Flageolet

From seed to plant to plate

Everything I am growing for in the garden and greenhouse can be found here. Garden staples like Calendula & Tomatoes will be there every year and then there's also the more stranger things like Luffa & Cucamelon. This section will be updated regularly as & when things grow in the garden.

Plant grow Criteria


Latest DIY Project


Raised beds on wheels

โ€œA Jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.โ€

Here you can find a breakdown of the various things I've build & made throughout the years for and in the garden, to either make something nicer, more functional or whether it has become essential to help me along in my growing journey.

I hope this can inspire you

"From the very beginning I knew I wanted something modular and moveable for the greenhouse. The extra addition of a lid to each bed made winter gatherings and springtime potting or seedling table possible."

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