Cornerstone Kittens

The adventures and mischief of Minoes & Ferrous

Ferrous & Minoes are our two cats and the whole reason everything is called Cornerstone. Both cats will come out with me to the garden and see what bit of theirs I change next. They also love helping to fertilize the garden by shitting in it. I don't think they quite understand "no-dig" but I can put defences in here and there. I love having them in both the house and garden and a day in the garden isn't complete without them there.

Minoes, our black & white girl, was our first kitten and she is named after my favourite Dutch children's book, Minoes by Annie M.G. Schmidt. She's a curious little creature and cautious with it. She won't go up to anyone anytime soon. She needs to know who you are first before she comes close enough for a head scratch. Letting her sniff your hand first always helps. She's definitely my mirror and knows exactly when I need her as well the right moment to annoy me. Turning 10 in December 2023 and still as playful as the day we brought her home. She comes from a family of indoor cats in Plymouth, both mum & dad lived in the house and she was the only kitten to come to us when we walked in. Often comes in with a mouse (dead or alive) and loves bringing in slow worms (alive & well! - thank goodness). Not always happy with her little "brother", she does wash his ears occasionally so it can't be all that bad ๐Ÿ–ค

Ferrous, our ginger boy, (his name is based on Iron Oxide and Rust and not on the character from 'Ferris Bueller's day off') on the other hand comes from just west of Dartmoor. His mum a tiny tabby, his dad a big tom that wanders. Ferrous has all the tabby qualities of kindness and purring. The slightest touch will set him off purring. Always there for a cuddle and an avid hunter. He, like his mum, is a small cat but that doesn't let him stop being the boss in the street. Often during summer nights he can be heard waking all neighbours with his howling & meowing at trespassing cats. He loves to bring us headless mice, or live ones - which he then completely ignores and have us run around to catch, the occasional bird and even a bat made it into our home ๐Ÿฆ‡ Super friendly to pretty much everyone, Ferrous seems to make friends with all neighbours, although he does love to taunt all the neighbours' dogs, and loves a good cuddle ๐Ÿงก