Courtyard Diary

The courtyard is where my gardening for this house started. I made a pallet planter and put violas in the top row and strawberries in the 2 bottom rows. It was really lovely seeing the pop of colour from the kitchen window and it got me into the whole 'growing your own food' thing. Over the years the layout and the things that fit in this space have changed a lot. Slowly but surely its starting to look how I want it to look. I've started painting the woodwork white, the alley wall will follow as that is north and catches the sun throughout a chunk of the day. By painting it white the sunlight will reflect into the kitchen (which is very dark) and it will make the space appear larger. I'm still contemplating whether I'll paint the kitchen wall white of dark grey (like behind the greenhouse) with the window frames and woodwork white. Could be a real nice contrast. The rain gutter and downpipe with be spray painted in matt black like I did out front and there will be a small waterbutt too which will get the same treatment. I think the monochromatic look will go really nicely with the mint green of the gate that I build out of old Ikea bed slats and paint I had left over from the front door.

The whole place needs a desperate tidy and clean up as it's not been touched for a couple of years due to putting my energy in other areas of the garden. Some of the things that need changing are the woodstore that I build out of old floorboards and that has started to rot down. It's no longer stable and it's being propped up with an old broom handle! safe to say that all of that will go. The brown (garden) bin from the council is so full that I can't get it out of the courtyard (it got steps leading into the alley) so I need to figure something out for that. The plan is to repurpose it as a waterbutt as the council won't collect them anymore sadly (unless you pay for it).

Another plan is to put up a trellis on the alley wall and have a passionfruit growing on it to provide privacy from anyone and everyone walking past (it's such a nuisance on bin day), and it will provide fruit in summer/autumn for us. not to mention and little bugs that will live in the soil and plant.

What is growing here?

Below are all the plants I'll grow for this area this year. For more info on the specifics for each plant, please click the 'more info' buttons each of them have.

Wild Garlic


15cm – 30cm

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