Orange ‘Rose’ Icecubes

Seen many times in reels and thought to myself, why not. Easy to do, I think the freezer does the most work. I did have some cranberry syrup over from pancakes we had the day before and I put that in the base of the cubes. Not needed to create this effect but made a tasty addition. Below are the steps in photo form.

and as ever, if you create this, please tag me in it ☺️


1 orange
thinly sliced, halved
Orange juice
or water
Ice cube mould
mine was cylindrical from Ikea
Something bubbly
Prosecco, sparkling rose, sparkling water etc


1. Start by cutting your orange(s). One orange made 3 “cubes” for me but I think I cut mine too thin. Thinner makes for more slices and ease of use since you have to fold/bend them into your ice cube moulds
2. Once cut in half you start with the largest slices on the outside
3. Then work you way down in size & alternate the slices so they’re not all on the same side (if that makes sense)
4. Once you’ve filled all the spaces with orange slices you can either top it up with some orange juice or water or whatever else you’ve got that’s exciting (maybe edible glitter?)
5. Stick in the freezer and leave overnight.
6. When ready to use simply pop them out of the mould and use as you would normal ice cubes. I ended up rimming the glasses with some water and golden sugar and using a Nosecco rose type drink. Festive and delicious 🥂