Let me walk you through the garden

Follow me through the garden as I show you what section is where and what I’ve got planned for the undeveloped areas (there’s a few). Why I do permaculture & No Dig and what it entails and gives me back in return. Things I try to do for nature and wildlife (and the WildLife Friendly Award I got) and the type of things I plant or grow to eat in each Garden Zone. Because the garden goes uphill and is developed in various levels, by previous owners, means that I can really create several different little gardens in my one big garden! It means I can have order and structure in the Kitchen Garden & greenhouse, and have it more wild and free in the Woodland Orchard Meadow & Wild Perennial Pond (their names indicate as much 😆). Creating habitats for all sorts of life, from the smallest ladybugs & slow-worms to hedgehogs and frogs.