From seed to plant to plate

Everything I grow for in the garden and greenhouse can be found here. This will be updated regularly, as & when things grow. This does not mean i grow every single variety of something every year, whether I'm growing from seed, plug plant, bare root, tuber & bulb or nursery/shop bought plant & tree. It's a bit like a digital diary - but for everyone to see - where I will document my findings, winnings and failings in the hope to help anyone who may need it or finds it interesting. If at the end of the day nobody goes to this page then at least I've got a record of what I'm doing for my future self.

Make sure to check the "Garden" page & each of the garden area pages to see what I'm growing where.

Plant criteria

Every plant that comes into my garden, whether it is a fruit tree or flowering shrub, annual edible or bright bloom, they all have to adhere to at least 1 of my 5 criteria points. This helps me decide if it is going to make me put the effort in growing something. This is mostly for (ornamental) flowers that I put in the garden as the majority of what I grow is edible. The 5 Criteria are as followed & each plant profile will have 1 or more of these icons telling you which is what.

Click on each icon to read more about each reason