A P R I L 🪻

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Wow what a crazy day!

Sun, rain, sun, rain clouds, sun, and a spitting of rain. Got a lot done today (with loads more to do), I transplanted 2x blueberries, a rockrose, catmint & tiny rosemary into pots to make space for this growing season.

The blueberries will stay in those pots so that I can give tens to their needs better. The rest will be planted somewhere else in the garden, I just don’t know where yet 😆

The rockrose had to move due to me planting the hedging tomorrow and I’ve also started to clear the future 3-sister bed (corn, beans and pumpkins) next to the existing pond.

There’s lots to do this month, more seed sowing (incl. March’s left overs – cucumbers & peas), potting on seedlings from previous months, weeding everywhere 😵‍💫😩😮‍💨, planting the hedge! 🙌🥹♥️, make 2 news beds for the greenhouse (still not done) and I’m sure there’s loads more.

This month will also see Good Friday, Easter Sun & Monday – and their Orthodox versions a week later, Eid al-Fitr on the 21st at the sighting of the crescent moon (this marks the end of Ramadan), St George’s day on the 23rd, which is also the start of the British asparagus season.

Everything has woken up and is putting on their finest spring coast of fresh greens and stunning florals. With everything waking up & turning green it is no wonder that April’s full moon is called the Budding Moon, New Shoots Moon or Seed Moon and this month it’ll fall on the 6th. It’s also called the Paschal Full moon and Easter is celebrated on the first Sunday after the Paschal Full Moon.

Spring flowers are opening in full force, Hosta White Feather is waking up with bright green shoots, the tulips are growing wonderfully (compared to last years slug massacre), and Ferrous is becoming a dad 🥹, can’t wait for those little kittens to hatch 🥚🐈

Happy April, may she not be too crazy weather wise ☺️