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February Greenhouse Almanac

Happy Imbolc (Gaelic/Pagan spring celebration) and start of LGBTQ+ history month 🏳️‍🌈 today!

It’s funny really, I normally love January and always enjoy it. Last January was the worst. So many horrible things happening all around me to people I love & care about. I’m done now though, can’t take any more bad news!

So, with that in mind, going into February (which is normally a month I absolutely loath) I’m hoping it’ll be different. And as part of trying to have a nice, positive month I will be keeping myself busy with building 2 more raised beds for the greenhouse, make a start on clearing the space for my fence and edible hedge (more news on that on my blog -> cornerstonegardenlife.co.uk/blog/ ), sow seeds every weekend, and hopefully start my morning coffees in the greenhouse with the kittens. I’ve settled on my greenhouse plan and it’s so nice to know what I’ll be planting were, assuming all goes well I’ll be planting out between 80-90 plants in there 😆 maybe more 🙄🤭

The rest of February will see Candlemas tomorrow, St Brigid’s day on the 6th in Ireland, valentine’s on the 14th (which is when I’ll sow my luffas! 🧽) maybe send people you love a card to tell them that?, then on the 15th we have Parinirvana day (nirvana day, Buddhist), Collop Monday (pea den Monday, Nickanan night – Christian), shrove Tuesday which is more known as pancake day! 🥞 will definitely be having some of those 😋 Followed by Ash Wednesday which marks the start of Lent.

In the night sky we have full moon on the 6th and February’s full moon is called Snow moon, Ice moon or Storm moon. Even though there will be signs of spring, it is still winter and it is still cold! ❄️ Venus & Jupiter will be close to the moon on the 22nd so keep your eyes pealed.

Ps still have a bag of crocosmia to plant out 😆🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️