J A N U A R Y 🐺

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H A P P Y N E W Y E A R !

J A N U A R Y 🐺

Happy new year folks! ✨

This year started off as the last ended, wet & windy 🌬️🌪️☔️ between you and me, I’m kinda over the whole storm season. I’m surprised my roof is still on the house and the garden arch & tunnel still standing. It’s been howling here. Which seems fitting for this month’s full moon on the 25th, the wolf moon 🐺🌙 or stay at home moon, I’d like nothing more!

This month starts of course with New Year’s Day on the first. Twelfth night is on the 5th, epiphany or 3 kings on the sixth. Plough Monday on the 8th, Lohri – the Punjabi winter festival on the 13th, burns night on the 25th and between 26-28th we have the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch.

✨ This month for me will see the start of planning this years garden drawing schedules out, ordering some seed maybe (although I really do have enough), maybe some garden tidying jobs that really need doing and celebrating my 40th birthday on the 27th! 🙌✨ I can’t wait to start my forties, I feel I’ve really been working towards that milestone the last few years and this year celebration will be extra special as for the first time in 10 years(!) since having my family here to celebrate with me. When I turned 30 I went back home for it.

✨ I’m planning a big summer celebration for all my friends end of June/beginning of July (dates tbc) as January isn’t particularly warm to celebrate outside 😆

✨ Anyway, enough of that, taking this photo scared me shitless. The wind and gusts were so strong I thought the greenhouse would explode when I opened the door. Pretty scary!

✨ The green manure I mixed seems to do ok, can’t wait to actually pick some things from it that were edible at some point.

✨ I’ve also bought seeds from Lucy over at @shegrowsveg she’s such an inspiration and I’ve loved following along her homestead build and all the adventures she’s done since. I look forward sharing the growth of the amaranth in my garden. I know just the spot for it.

As always, I can’t do without my yearly almanac by @lia_leendertz with this years edition having illustrations by @aitch.ro

Happy new year! 🥂🍾✨🪩