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Greenhouse Almanac

Wow what a day! Happy Beltane & May Day.

This month we have international workers day on the 1st, in the Netherlands on the 4th we remember all those that have fallen in war, which started with World War II, then on the 5th us Dutch celebrate our freedom 🇳🇱🧡, Charles’ coronation day on the 6th 👑, international Dawn Chorus day on the 7th. Stow horse fair a gypsy spring gathering on the 11th, Dutch mother’s day & rogation Sunday on the 14th, ascension day on the 18th, Shavuot at Sunday on the 25th (Jewish), Pentecost on the 28th and the spring bank holiday on the 29th.

May’s full moon is called Mother’s moon or Bright moon and falls in the 5th this month.

This month in the graden (for me) will see lots of things looking at hardening off and some direct sowing, also finally feel more on top of things and even though the list is loooong, things will happen – I can feel it! This past weekend and today has been very productive and it’s giving me hope for the rest of the month.

I’ve also got my brother and sister in law coming to stay with us towards the end of the month and I’m so beyond looking forward to that, it feels like it’s been an age!

I’m also going to try and do #mymonthontheplot again and stick to it so be prepared to be spammed with lots of photos on the grid.


What’s happening in the greenhouse

So far the greenhouse has been slowly filling up all things new, young & green. The dahlia tubers are making their new sprouts and I’ve already pinched a few that were ahead. it’s funny how last year I would not pinch any of my dahlias and this year I have absolutely no problem with it. We’ll see if it makes a big difference once they’re planted out.

The bare root hostas are growing but I’m a little worried about my 3 white feather ones, they just look weird and not right somehow. Time will tell if they will be ok I suppose. The artichokes, cosmos and cerinthe are all looking good so far, it won’t be long until they either need potting on or planting out.


Bank holiday weekend

I made a “wish list” for things that needed doing and things I wanted to do and apart from 1 thing on the list (removing the nails of a pallet that’s taken apart) I managed to all the rest.  My my that felt good!

I’ve made a start with my tulips in the back garden by tying them together and label them with their name. This way, hopefully, by the time they need lifting and replanting in their new home I can easily find which ones are which and place them where I want them rather than have pot luck. I’ve also kicked out my calendula, nigella and cornflower seedlings from the greenhouse as they heat in there wasn’t doing them any favours.

Oh, the chives are about to bloom! This can only mean one thing, focaccia with garden flowers and herbs 😋


The Orchard

With all the rain we’ve had the weeds have gone bananas! Everything has exploded. I’ve also spotted fresh green growth on the hedge plants,  not everything is doing as well but I suppose that is to be expected. I’m just happy that most are doing well!

The raspberries have popped up all over and I’m liking it. I love raspberries and the more the merrier. My neighbour has asked if they could have some and I will dig some up but am not sure how to go about it – yet.

The month of May also signifies No Mow May and I think I can safely say that I partake, in fact, the last time the grass was cut would probably have been sometime last year 😆


Weeding prep

The sleeper steps and parts of the kitchen garden have now all been weeded and protected for the cats 💩💩, I’ve planted up crocosmia and I’m hoping they will sprout before I need to plant our the zinnias and rudbeckia in the same area. Wait and see I suppose!

The red tree, still don’t know which type it is, has gone into leaf and I noticed some floral things in between on the branches. I really need to do some research on my favourite tree in the garden. The strawberries are also starting to bloom and the mint is out in full force. Looking forward to many cups of fresh mint tea.



Boil ‘em, mash ‘em, stick ‘em in a stew! – Well, that’s the plan.

Lastly, I finally planted my potatoes! I’ve got 3 different varieties and 18 seed potatoes all together. The varieties are Salad Blue, Pentland Javelin and Blue Danube. All new to me, all planted in fabric grow bags out front and all sprouted after chitting for however long on a sunny windowsil.

I have no idea how long it will take for these babies to grow, I will be earthing them up as they grow, this means more potato tubers will grow from the stem of the plant (only recently found that bit of info out).

Happy may all, it’s going to be a good one I think ☺️