SEEDcret Santa

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What is SEEDcret Santa?

Seedcret Santa is kind of what it says on the tin, a Secret Santa with a virtual stranger where you send seeds to after looking at their instagram profile. The brilliant Charley from @charleyspatch is the brains behind this seasonal phenomenon. Every year the list of participants seem to be growing and growing (bringing with it, more work for Charley – sorry!). You can give a short description if you’re after something specific or have a general bit of wording to describe what you’re growing style and space are. Mine this year was “Loving all weird and wonderful vegetables, love for tomatoes and dark flowers. Please check my insta & my site for inspiration β™₯️” Nice and vague πŸ˜†

This year was my 3rd year taking part and the photos shown in this post are of last years received gifts from James (black envelopes) and this years from Natalie (she was initially secret but “came out” to me as I kept saying in stories that I wanted to thank her). Sadly I don’t have any photos of my first gift from back in 2021 from Alison as I videod the opening of my parcel. You can watch that Reel here on instagram.

I’ve grown so many things from the seeds that were given to me and the coming year won’t be any different. I’ve grown Barry’s crazy cherry and black beauty tomatoes ever since Alison sent me seeds for those. And to think I wasn’t going to take part this year, seems silly now. I just hope that all the people I’ve send to over the years are happy with their seeds in return! πŸ˜†

Thank you Charley for having come up with this lovely idea to bring us all closer and explore other accounts πŸŽ„