Winter Greenhouse Birthday Cocktails 🍸

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Birthday Wishes

For years I’ve been wanting to host a cocktail night for my girlfriends in the greenhouse. It all started with seeing a post from Kraut Kopf in Germany and their gathering with candle light, rustic wooden table, cake etc. I fell in love with it and got dreaming. Of course there are quite a few differences between their set up and mine. Theirs in a large open garden but away from people, mine is overlooked by everyone in the street. Their greenhouse is really large, mine is just big.

Over the years of having this new greenhouse I’ve made raised beds on wheels. This for various reasons and one of them is to have them double as seats in winter and seedling shelves in spring! I made lids for the beds to get to this and I’m so happy with how they look and work. Having the beds on wheels also gives the flexibility to move and rearrange the space to suit different needs.

Once set up I got to the fun bit of decorating. I started with hanging curtains on one side so we wouldn’t feel like we would be in a fishbowl for everyone to see. Next I added loads of fairy light (bought some more too), collected all my candle stick holders and tea light glasses, filled them all and lit everything to hep warm up the space. I think we got it to a “toasty” 12 degrees in there at the end of january when the outside temperature was a lot lower! There were also blankets and of course, plenty of prosecco cocktails to help keep us warm.

I’ll add the cakes I made and the cocktail recipes to the site soon. We had a Candy floss prosecco bomb, Rosemary & blood orange gin fizz, white choc & cranberry tarts and blood orange & chocolate cakes. I truly had a wonderful time and enjoyed my friends company